It’s a new dawn…

4 10 2010

This is the start of the new website. As technology has improved, the old, complex site became unwieldy. fortunately, it died a quick death, and starting over wasn’t too painful.

Several good auditions on the horizon for this week. I shall keep you all posted!


. . . By the sea

12 05 2008


I spent an almost lovely mother’s day: singing in church, driving to Rhode Island with my wife, sadly watching her drive away…

But I’m here now. Our first company meeting is tonight and the rehearsals start in the morning. Kind of exciting to see how this cast will come together, what our energy and relationships will be like. Can’t help but feel a little wistful, though, missing the cast from the last time I went down this road. I know there are plenty of people doing this show and there will be plenty of opportunities to do it, but I felt like i made some terrific friends and siblings in that last one.

So maybe that’s what awaits me here.

I will say this; its colder up here than in Nyc. Thank goodness i brought an extra comforter…