Goodbye to West Michigan

31 07 2011

It’s a night with which many actors are familiar: my bags are packed, my trunk is on its way to my next gig, and I’m gonna try to sleep.

But before I can do that I have to count my blessings:
– having a wonderful cast of friends to work with every day.
– having a great place to work.
– having opportunities to do new work in new projects.
– having a great home and spouse to come home to.

So it’s early to bed. Tonight was a great performance of Five Guys Named Moe. The show will go on without me. Tomorrow, a plane ride, an audition, and off to the next thing! Gratefully.


30 10 2010

I’m thrilled to learn I will be participating in a musical salute honoring Richard Maltby Jr., David Shire, and John Weidman, hosted by Encompass New Opera Theatre.

The event is a gala on Sunday, November 14th at The National Arts Club, 15 Gramercy Park South.

I’ve never been to the National Arts Club, so I’m pretty excited. It is a landmark Victorian mansion from the 1840s. Sheldon Harnick and Maury Yeston are the Honorary Gala Co-Chairs for the evening!

More important is I’ll be performing with some of my dearest friends in the business!

Callback time

6 10 2010

One of the fun and harrowing things about this business is the audition process. If the audition goes well, you could get a callback to do it again — usually for more people. The actor’s task becomes duplicating the work–even taking it up a notch–while remaining fresh and preserving that spark that they liked the first time.

So wish me luck Thursday. With the help of the brilliant Brian Whitted, I’ve learned the song. now I just have to be present and relax.

It’s a new dawn…

4 10 2010

This is the start of the new website. As technology has improved, the old, complex site became unwieldy. fortunately, it died a quick death, and starting over wasn’t too painful.

Several good auditions on the horizon for this week. I shall keep you all posted!