Making music

15 10 2010

In the midst of auditions and call backs and survival jobs, John and Demaris got married. And because so many of John’s friends are musicians, he cobbled us together into a few small groups and we took turns entertaining the crowd at the reception.  It was among my favorite wedding experiences.  Every one of the musicians was top notch, and we all got along so well, that there was no competition, no hot dogging. Just a good old fashioned love for music. And some very fine musicians with whom  I hope to work again!


Callback time

6 10 2010

One of the fun and harrowing things about this business is the audition process. If the audition goes well, you could get a callback to do it again — usually for more people. The actor’s task becomes duplicating the work–even taking it up a notch–while remaining fresh and preserving that spark that they liked the first time.

So wish me luck Thursday. With the help of the brilliant Brian Whitted, I’ve learned the song. now I just have to be present and relax.

Sheet music success

4 10 2010

It’s always a challenge to find the music you want in the correct key. My vocal coach, the brilliant Brian Whitted, suggested a song and a key for me. I went to to purchase it.

It isn’t always easy: this particular song has a modulation midway that i didn’t expect, and when i printed it, the section i needed wasn’t in the right key. One call to customer support and they had a new link for me to click on and the music printed just the way I needed it. And they couldn’t have been nicer about it.

So here’s the commercial for the day: if you need sheet music, cut and paste the link below  into your browser and try them out:

It’s a new dawn…

4 10 2010

This is the start of the new website. As technology has improved, the old, complex site became unwieldy. fortunately, it died a quick death, and starting over wasn’t too painful.

Several good auditions on the horizon for this week. I shall keep you all posted!