Voice Over Success!

23 06 2021

At some point last year, I decided that I needed a better home studio situation.

I repurposed some space in the apartment to create and sound treat a booth and set up equipment for editing and such.

It’s been a terrific addition! I’ve used it to record songs for videos, read stories for The Kaleidocast (a podcast by the Brooklyn Speculative Fiction Writers Group), take further training in Voice Over work and audition for industrial work.

The big news this week: I’m making my animation voiceover debut this weekend in a segment on Pause with Sam Jay. The segment, although short, was fun to shoot. I did all the vocal work in my new home studio!

The segment is in the episode N.A.H.S.O.N., which premieres Friday night on HBOMax. It was great to use this modern technology to do scene work with actors and get direction from the creators of the show, all while separated by great distances.

I’m so glad to expand my voice over work into the world of animation, and particularly thankful for Paul Liberti for being such a terrific coach and inspiration!

The setup also came in handy last month when I dove into an online workshop on songwriting and production. The end result of that workshop is that I have two new original songs hitting the streaming services and digital market places this summer. The first one “Starting Over” comes out on my birthday — July 25! The second one should be available the week after that.

“Starting Over” is available in the iTunes Store for preorder now. Click the image below to go there! It will be available for purchase on all the digital music sites, and for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and Deezer!




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