Lafayette Salon Series!

27 05 2021

The folks at the Lafayette Salon Series recently cast me in one of their legendary play readings!

The group has been doing readings of plays and screenplays for several years — this is season 13! — and when the pandemic made it impossible to gather at a table and play together the masterminds at LSS pushed the regular events onto the virtual space.

So in May I had the pleasure of joining Kevin Bernard, Mac Brydon, Jane Cortney, and Stewart Walker in a Zoom reading of The Killer, Eugene Ionesco’s 1958 play, which is the first of the Berenger plays. And I got to play Berenger! What a treat that was! 

The other Berenger plays are Rhinocéros, Exit the King, and A Stroll in the Air. In The Killer, Berenger is an honest man who discovers a radiant city full of light and progress with an undercurrent of evil that eventually causes him to wonder about the futility of fighting evil and the purpose of goodness. I know, light stuff! But its a fascinating absurdist play, and was challenging and thrilling all at once!




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