Five Guys Named Moe!

2 03 2020

A Tribute to Louis Jordan!

Black History Month 2020 was a blast, as I appeared in a production of Five Guys Named Moe at the Westchester Broadway Theatre in Elmsford, New York.

The show honors 1940s jazz musician Louis Jordan, and takes audiences on a fun-filled ride as five “Moes” help guide lovelorn Nomax through his relationship issues. 

Appearing in the show were Napoleon M. Douglas as NoMax, Quentin Avery Brown as Eat Moe, Tyler Johnson-Campion as No Moe, Douglas Lyons as Four-Eyed Moe, Tony Perry as Big Moe, and Isaiah Reynolds as Little Moe. With: John E. Lucas and Markcus Blair.

The show was directed  and choreographed by Richard Stafford; the associate choreographer was Kristyn Pope; Lisa Tiso was the producer. 

Sadly, that historic theater has since closed, a victim of the COVID pandemic. We were the last show to have a full run on that memorable stage!

From left, Isaiah Reynolds, Tyler Johnson-Campion, Douglas Lyons, Napoleon M. Douglas, Tony Perry, Quinton Avery Brown. 



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