Memphis Rocks Little Rock!

5 10 2014


It’s time to lose the day!

Those are the words that start the song “Underground” from Memphis the Musical. I recently had the pleasure and honor of appearing as Delray in the Arkansas Repertory Theater production of that show!

The show was fun and funny and moving, and everyone involved had a great time. But more than that, audiences left genuinely moved and energized by the story, the music and the amazing singing.

It was a blast to work with that creative team and those actors, and it was truly an honor to bear witness to Jasmin Richardson and Brent DiRoma sing and act every day for two months. Special hats off to director Lynne Kurdziel Formato, who assembled a terrific group of people who loved doing the work and sharing that story with the public.

While we were there, in Little Rock, we took a group trip to Central High, where we walked in the footsteps of the “Little Rock Nine” and came face to face with the history of school desegregation. The trip was potent to us, as we worked on a musical about racial tensions and changing social norms.

We also got along famously, and made some new life-long friendships. These days I’m back to auditioning and working on the craft, but I’m definitely better for the experience.

Above is the rather epic photo taken at a photo shoot before the show opened by Little Rock photographer John David Pittman. He also took this one of me and our leading lady, Jasmin.





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