10 02 2006

Thus is the life of a background actor: I got a call today to do some work on a well-known television show that shall remain nameless. They decided to add a scene to today’s shoot schedule that was set backstage at an opera, and needed three guys to play stagehands.

When the call came, I was eating lunch with my friend Chris Capra, whom I don’t see enough of. So I hopped a train for home, grabbed my black clothes (that’s what stage hands wear you know), rode back to the city and reported for duty.

I was there an hour before they sent us home — they’d decided not to shoot that scene after all. Hey, I still get paid for the day. And maybe, they’ll decide to shoot the scene another day and maybe they’ll give me a call.

Who knows? That’s the business.

The other strange news of the week is the cancellation of “Love Monkey.” The powers that be at CBS changed the order of episodes several times — a tacit harbinger of trouble — and after airing the episode that included a 3-second cameo of yours truly, the show gets dumped.

This is sad for two reasons. One, we love shows shot in New York. All New York actors do. We support them, even when they suck. Sometimes we even watch them when we know we would rather turn the channel. Second, it wasn’t a bad show! Tom Cavanaugh is a very charming performer, and as a musician, I frankly loved all the inside baseball about the music industry. And any time Larenz Tate and Daniel Sunjata get work is fine by me!

The folks at CBS were positively high on the show when i was on set back in December. First, I showed up, dressed like a security guard as requested to a room full of extras, half of which were complaining about having to work that day. Now I truly find myself impatient with background workers who complain about having work. I mean, what’s up with that?
Then, i have to be shown to the director so he can approve the look. But there’s lots of hubub behind the camera. Turns out, that was the day of the annual CBS Christmas party and all the suits, and i do mean hall of them, were in town. And it seemed like all of them stopped by to talk to the creator, the stars, etc..

Meanwhile, the scene i was in featured Peter Jacobson, who was a blast to be around and a real natural actor. He also created this great bit at the end of the scene which didn’t make it into the final edit. Oh well. I know it happened, and that’s good enough, right?

I know its been a LONG time since i blogged. Hopefully i’ll do this again soon, because i have lots of news to share!





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