30 03 2005

Happy Easter!

It’s been a busy period, I hope I can explain it all.

There’s been a lot of background work in the New York area lately. I’ve worked on a film called “My Brother,” an episode of Law and Order (the episode is called “Sects”), and an episode of “Third Watch.” The Third Watch gig was three nights, overnight, outside the CNN center across the street from Radio City Music Hall. On the first night, a group of school kids from North Carolina walked by — we had to hold the shot until they’d all passed — and as they were talking I thought “gee, that sounds like my friend Meme’s accent.” Now, I’m no stranger to the various North Carolina accents. Meme’s accent is different from Frank’s which is different from Karen’s. So anyway, they moved on and we went back to work. At some point in the night, I spoke to Meme on the phone and learned that not only was the crowd from her alma mater, but she was IN the crowd, we just didn’t see each other! ON the third night, we had rain and sleet and ugly weather.

I also had a few auditions and “go-sees” in the past few weeks, and of course, lots of church for holy week.

Easter services were great, and later that night, Ben and Michelle and went to see “Ghetto Superstar,” Billy Porter”s amazing show at Joe’s Pub. Porter, who some remember from “Grease” and “Miss Saigon” on Broadway or from the Broken Hearts Club movie, is an incredible performer, and his autobiographical show was funny and heartbreaking, tender and brave, thrilling and uplifting. And it was closing night, so he went for broke (as he does anyway all the time), and there were a few celebrity types in the room. Alice Ripley and Shoshanna Bean among them. The highlights of the show were the songs “Time” and Billy’s singing-for-his-life performance of “He Looked Beyond My Fault.”




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