15 03 2005

Another lesson for Tony in faith:

I get panicky about money. It hasn’t always been that way, largely because I used to have some. Plenty, in fact. But these days, not so much. It’s all good, because this is the life i chose, right? Its just that sometimes, ya wish you could buy a cup of coffee and such, you know?

So in a moment of complete faithlessness, i waltzed into another temp agency and said “I need work.” Went throught quite a lot to fill out forms and take tests and accept some empty promises of employment. And in the next 24 hours, no lie, 24 hours, I booked background work on a movie, two days of work on Law and Order, and three audition appointments. So i just need to chill out, right?

Oh yeah, and I agreed to do a show in Nevada in late may, and it seems Hells Kitchen is going to make a Connecticut appearance next month. So yay me!

Birthdays this week are Maryanne and Ryan. Happy bday!




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