21 12 2004

one minute we were ramping up for Thanksgiving, and the next thing I know, we’re ramping up for Christmas. Where did the time fly?

Much of it, it seems, was spent having fun. It has been a busy and productive season in our house. We had quite the crowd over for Thanksgiving. Then i continued the run of “The Elf, The Bunny and The Big Xmas Blowup” and also spent some quality time rehearsing “Hell’s Kitchen: The Musical.” The comedy was great fun to work on. The musical was great fun to work on. Both shows introduced me to a number of terrific performers.

I’m Feeling Blessed!

The Elf went great, we had some terrific audiences. We also did a presentation of “Hell’s Kitchen” went great, we drummed up some interest by a theater in Connecticut. In the middle, we had a Christmas pageant of sorts at church, and IT was a great evening of fun and laughter. In between all those things I did some background work on a film called “Trust the Man” starring Julianne Moore and David Duchovny, and “Law and Order”. If you watch L&O, the episode is called “Fluency” and it scheduled to air on Jan. 19, on NBC.




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