20 11 2004
All is great here. Its my first day off in weeks and my feet are tired, but it’s all good. The Christmas comedy is up and running, and we’re all having a blast. The French farce — which is running in repertory with the Christmas comedy, also opened, and its very funny. I did a lot of that laughing so loud the whole room can hear me thing.

Things are going great with the musical rehearsals. For those of you who don’t know, I’ve joined the cast of Hell’s Kitchen, The Musical. The writers, Jon Montgomery and Toby Kasavan are terrific guys with tons of experience in a variety of musical styles, and the songs they’ve written for this show are terrific. We have a presentation scheduled for the 14th for a bunch of big league producers and financiers, so we’re working on making it great. Jon liked my voice so much, he wrote a new character into the script for me, and gave me a solo to sing. That’s totally exciting!

I’m also doing a lot of background work lately. This week i was on set for The Chappelle Show and for Law and Order: Trial By Jury. For you L&O fans, Fred Thompson is a very large and very imposing figure in real life. And Bebe Neuwirth is tiny, perfectly perportioned and lovely. Like a little Hummel. Work on the Chappelle show was a little more loose, and it was a gas to listen to them adlib through a scene several times trying to make it even funnier. At some point, the director — who was talking off camera and making up lines as fast as Dave Chappelle was — cracked Chappelle up so much he had to turn away from the camera to no laugh on screen. Both days i met some terrific actors and great people: Paul who used to be a music agent, Sharon, who is a music manager, Tami, who is tall, looks like a model and is very friendly, and J.D., who also does stand up comedy.

Next week is thanksgiving. Already!




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