12 11 2004

Hey folks!

I know its only been a couple of weeks since my last blog, but its been busy! We’re now in tech for “The Elf, The Bunny and the Big Xmas Blow Up”. The show is turning out great! There are just so many funny people in the cast, all of whom are doing a great job, and are really nice people. The show is gonna be in the John Houseman Theater Studio A. Its on 42nd Street, in the same block as “Forbidden Broadway” and just down the street from “Fame on 42nd St.” Of course, further down the street are “42nd Street” and “The Lion King.”

Last night at rehearsal, the cast of “Forbidden Broadway” was rehearsing next door. Very wild.

In other news: I’ve joined the cast of “Hell’s Kitchen,” a show that is currently in development. The music, by Jon Montgomery and Toby Kasavan, is terrific. And I get to sing a great, rousing, gospel-styled number. Jon and Toby have trimmed the show down to a 45-minute presentation — mostly songs and bits of dialogue — that we’re going to perform for a group of producers and money-type folks in mid-December. Could I BE more excited?




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