1 11 2004

Hey there!

So much to say…. Rehearsals have been SO fun… And then tonight was a surreal experience. I was one of several folks in the Mini Cooper contingent at the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade. It was the first time i was ever in one of those cute cars. Surprise! More leg room than a mini van. At least in the front seat, where i could stretch my legs all the way forward. The back seat was another story! Fortunately, I didn’t have to spend much time in the back seat; I spent most of the parade sitting up on the back with my feet on the back seat.

There were tons of way cool costumes. And an absolute throng of people. Easily millions…

Right behind us was the “Wicked” car, where Idina Menzel and Jennifer Laura Thompson were (they came right after their matinee). They had a host of people with them, Wicked banners, people passing out buttons, the works. At some point, our cars were side by side, and I handled it so professionally. “Idina!” I gushed! She smiled politely. “I’m coming to your show on Dec. 1!” I am such a geek. “Oh!” she said. Jennifer Laura Thompson and several of the Wicked crew turned to me and raised an eyebrow. “I’ve been waiting a year for this!” I proclaimed. Pretty sure I saw a grin on Menzel’s face before she wisely turned away from me to prevent further gushing. Oy.

Right in front of the Mini Coopers was the “Seed of Chucky” float, a massive thing with lots of music and a stage and Jennifer Tilly, who seemed to be larger than life dancing up there. Not boogying as intensly as Karl, but boogying nevertheless!

Tom Hewitt, star of “Dracula: The Musical” and “The Rocky Horror Show” showed up while we were still setting up for the parade. What a nice guy! Funny and genuine, he was happy to pose for photos with those of us geeky enough to wander over. (that, by the way, woul d be me and Journey and Nicole.) Anyway, I admitted to him that I hadn’t seen the show, but I did own two copies of the cast album to his last show (Rocky), to which he smiled and said “Well, I got a little something on under this to help me feel pretty.” What a card. He said he really has to do something other than play a Transylvanian sometime soon. I said he’s probably going to find a nice dramatic role, and the director will tell him to play the character as a Romanian. He laughed and said “I have that kind of luck, you know.”

I put a couple of parade pictures up on the website. I know, I know, I still don’t have the Kerry photos up yet, but i have scanner issues. And the parade photos? Well, I just love digital cameras!




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