8 10 2004

Please, someone tell me how an entire week went by without me blogging!

This seemed like a long week in some ways. We’re well into rehearsals for “The elf, the bunny,” et. al. and they are going great. We already started the costume fitting process. I look like a reindeer with a pot belly in my costume (but the tail is oh, so cute!)

I temped two days this week (and will two days next week) f0r Sulzer Metco, where everyone seems very nice. They’re used to having a female receptionist though, so I’m sure the first time they heard my “Starship Enterprise” voice over the paging system they were a little freaked.

I’ve also been putting together backing tracks so I have a nice little arsenal of audition songs I can do even without an accompaniest. I think I have something lined up soon with an agent, and I’ll have to be prepared for that. So getting ready now is a good idea. I may just carry my MP3 player and two small speakers in my backpack so I can audition on a dime if I have to! Anyway, I’ve been working with my friend and mentor Sharon on selecting the right audition songs. Its not an easy process. You don’t want to pick a song that is done too much, because auditors are sick of hearing them, and songs are a lot like cheese: too many and they all start to taste alike. ALso, you want something melodic, something that shows range, something not too long, something with some emotional depth or personality, something appropriate for the show for which you are auditioning.

You see the problem.

I have a few songs in my audition book that i love, and think i do well, but are so overdone, I’m afraid to do them. I have others, that are rare little gems, and I love to do them. But too rare, and the auditor is going to spend the entire time trying to place the song and not listening to you…




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