30 09 2004

I know, I know! What’s with all the blogs? Maybe I should do this more often!

Anyway, today i went to an audition for Automatic Superstar, a rock opera. The audition was held in a club where The Donkey Show is running, and all the actors were asked to sing to a rock karaoke track. Its kind of cool the way it was set up, because we were all sitting at tables like it was a karaoke bar or something, and we were cheering each other on. So when the “St. Theresa” disc didn’t work, we all said “Awwww…” and when one woman started kicking serious butt on “Fighter” we all stood up and boogied. And lets face it: its cool when you get to listen to other people audition, and you’re groovin to “Harder to Breathe” and “With or Without You” at the same time. (and no, I didn’t do “With or Without You.” I did “Creep.” And its a good thing i knew the words since the karaoke machine has the worlds worst translation. Instead of “I’m a creep/I’m a wierdo” the screen said “I’m a creep/I’m a widow.”

I’m a widow?

…the heck?




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