26 09 2004

What a weekend. Saturday, Jen Cole and I went to lunch, and ran into Bob and Cate in the process. Always nice to see them. Then it was on to Kevin’s wedding. It was an exquisite ceremony. Everything about it was lovely, and it was great to see some folks I haven’t seen in a while: Greg, Jon, Phil, Shelby and Nicole… It was the first time i’d seen Brent and Beth since their wedding, or Jason and Patty since their wedding. Everyone looked lovely, but then Heather came in the room in the white gown from heaven and well, she kind of stole the show there. But Heather and Kevin looked so happy, and when Kevin sang a song he wrote for her, and we all misted up, you just knew these were people meant to be together.

During the reception, i had a long chat with Greg about the benefits of multiracial worship. So imagine my surprise this morning when Beth preaches a sermon and makes it clear that people who aren’t like each other are supposed to worship together, then went to an installation service for the new Bishop, and HE starts extolling the virtues of multicultural community. Maybe its the theme of the weekend.




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