31 08 2004

Hi folks!

Lots to talk about this week…. First of all, I won’t be able to make it to the Wyndham on Sept. 7, 8 as originally planned. I’m sure they will have great entertainment though, so don’t let that put a damper on your post-Labor Day plans.

Also, I’ve had software issues with my scanner, so I haven’t gotten any pictures from the Kerry party at the Wyndham posted to the website yet. If you have any digital photos you want to email me, feel free. I’m sure i’ll get them up eventually…

Last week was very busy. I registered with a couple of temp agencies, as most New York actors do, and spent a couple of days as a receptionist for a mortgage company in Syosset. Nice people. usually calm, except for that point in the afternoon when the Ice Cream man shows up in the parking lot…

I also got a call to be an extra in a movie. That’s set to happen Wednesday, so more about that when it actually happens. I say it that way because I was scheduled to be a paid audience member at a television show taping, and they scheduled way too many people, so the producers went through the line picking pretty women out of the crowd and filling the seats that way. SO i didn’t get to go to the show. I did, however, meet another actor, Alex, who lives near me and we spent quite a bit of time networking. In fact, he gave me a lead, which I then followed up on, which led to me getting called to audition for a commercial. But at the last minute, the audition was canceled because of the rat’s nest that is NYC during the convention. And by last minute, I mean I was on the train platform, minutes from boarding the train to the city! Oh well.

The other fun thing that happened last week was I auditioned for a show called The Best of Both Worlds, which is a new, soul musical version of Shakespeare’s “A winter’s tale.” Being me, I was way overthinking the song selection for the audition — I mean, they clearly wanted an R&B song, but of what era? 60s? 70s? 80s? WHen I got there, the associate artistic director — whom we were all auditioning for — suggested something in a 70s vein. So I went with “Let’s Stay Together.” And as the aad said, “You can’t go wrong with Rev. Al.”

So True.

I’ve got a couple of auditions lined up over the next few weeks, and plans to camp out at a few equity auditions as well. Wish me luck!




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