4 08 2004

Yes, it HAS been a long time since I’ve blogged…. Sorry!

The move was long and tedious and tiring. But big thanks to the Lindeman Moving Company for the great job they did getting our stuff to Long Island safely. We dove directly into the process of unpacking and getting set up. Course, there were gigs in there …

In fact, the day after our furniture arrived in New York, I drove back to Harrisburg to perform for a lunchtime event in Camp Hill. It was a great time, and a whole bunch of youngsters from a local day camp came by, so at some point, there I am, strumming my guitar and singing in the pavilion and surrounded by kids eating hot dogs and drinking soda — which one of the kids told me was a meal from heaven! Kim was there with her boy, Connor, and it was nice to see her again. Seems she and Tom are going to have another child.

Then it was back to NY to adjust. Ride the train into the city for auditions. Get lost finding the bank. You know, the usual. Then came this past weekend, and a trip back to Harrisburg for a weekend at the Wyndham Harrisburg-Hershey. Night two was fairly uneventful. Night one, well, that was another story. I came by early in the day to drop off some equipment, and found there was a Wizard of Oz convention. So when evening came, the show started, and there were munchkins and flying monkeys and guys in lion suits roaming the building. Then George Stephanopolous showed up. Seems there was a John Kerry rally in Harrisburg earlier that day and bunches of the Democrat types were converging on the hotel. Suddenly, I’m chatting with Chris Heinz (son of Theresa Heinz Kerry), and then his brother Andre comes over to talk about missing luggage, and then mother is calling him over for dinner. Then John Kerry is there, and they’re all eating dinner and then Ben Affleck shows up.

Ben Affleck!

There’s secret service guys in the doorway, Marvin Nicholson, Kerry’s chief of staff, is chatting with some locals by the front desk, and there are people in flying monkey suits hovering by the door nearest the ballroom. Surreal. So Glen’s also there, and we’re running through some oldies but goodies, but I’m forgetting words every now and then (it’s like doing Tony Perry 3 covers!) , and Jonathan Fraizer is there and the three of us are jamming and I realize Affleck is paying more attention to us than to the presidential candidate at his table. So, I started showing off. Really showing off. Held high notes I had no business holding. Wailed through “Still Haven’t Found” and tore into “Walking in Memphis.” Unfortunately, I wasn’t prepared to rip into “No Surrender” or that would have happened too!

It was a great night. Making things even better was seeing folks I haven’t seen in a while. Like Dave Good and Linda Knecht. And Ben Cohen and Lindsey Bretts. And Matt Whelan, and Michelle Manducci. And remembering the harmonies on “Happiness in Love”, and watching Jim Nelson run interference for Affleck when he’s trying to leave but beseiged by young women. Or having Affleck tell someone I was “awesome.” Or watching John Kerry work the room and shake every available hand, while holding a signed copy of “tonyperrychristmas” in his other hand.

In all, it was a great night. One for the memory books.




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