29 06 2004

Lots to catch up on. I’m officially homeless now, so no excuses not to blog! its not like i was gonna clean anyway . . .

First let me say a nice hats off to the youth theater folks at the Capitol Dinner Theater and Performing Arts Center. Their recent production of Side Show was really moving. I’d never seen the show before, and was very impressed with the approach. Its mostly sung — very few speaking lines at all — so that would make it daunting to friends like Glen and Dave who already hate musicals. My only beef with the production was a casting detail — and the actor did a tremendous job. I just think a whole lot of the subplot makes more sense if the actor in that role is African-American. Minor quibble. Meanwhile, in the audience that night was Bill Russell, who wrote the book for the show (Henry Kreiger of “Dreamgirls” fame wrote the music). I got to meet him, which was great, and told him point blank i intend to play Jake someday. He wished me well, told me to tell him when it happens so he can see.

How cool is that?

I’ve had an ongoing battle with strep for the last few weeks. I got it, doc gave me an antibiotic. I got it again. Doc gave me a different antibiotic. Got it a third time, and a week after my Zythromax was finished, i had a physical exam. to be on the safe side, the doctor did a throat culture — you can guess where I’m going with this one. so a fourth antibiotic is now at bat, along with an additional drug that is usually given to TB patients. I have faith that this will cure it once and for all, but it’s been frustrating.

Particularly when it comes to singing. I had a two-night run at the Wyndham recently, and my throat was so bad i barely made it through the first night, and had to get dominic cicco to fill in for me on the second night. The first night was as fun as it could be, since Fleetwood Mac’s entourage was staying at the hotel, and we ended up striking up a conversation with keyboard player Tim Stretton. he’s a great guy, and he played a few songs with me. We really rocked on a cover of Lenny Kravitz’ “I belong to You”. Anyway, Tim — who also worked with janet and Earth, Wind and Fire — was wonderful, showed us around on his tour bus and invited us backstage the next day to see the stage and set up and meet as many people as we could. Way cool. I even got to play the horn samples for “Tusk” — although in headphones so no one could hear but me and another of the stage techs. We stayed for the first half of the show too — hung out with Bobbi Cary and her husband in the Bud Light tent for awhile — but the Strep got the best of me and i went home to bed. The next morning was Beth’s last sunday at Bethel, and I was scheduled to sing, but way too voiceless to do anything about it. Oh well. What can you do. I’ll make up the date at the Wyndham on Aug 14.




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