22 05 2004

Well, its been an interesting week. Nunsense AhMen was canceled due to low ticket sales, so i’ve spent the week throwing out stuff and packing. I am such a pack rat! I suppose the good news about moving is taking the time to go through your stuff and clean out the clutter. But it looks like i could have filled a dumpster with just the stuff in my office!

Among the stranger things i’ve encountered during the great clean-out are old set lists from shows I did like five years ago. And sometimes I look at them and go “wow, i remember that song” and sometimes i only have a vague recollection of how it went.

Anyway, no shows now till next month.

We finally learned the dates of our move. We’re gonna be out of our house on June 24. We move into the new place on July 8. You may notice a space between those two dates… yes, we’re gonna be homeless! Actually, we’re gonna spend some time visiting family and friends and try to take a small vacation…




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