19 04 2004

Well, the tour came to a close tonight with a rousing show in Fredonia NY. (which for you map type folks, is just above Erie.) We fortunately had a great show and the crowd responded accordingly.

The last week of the tour has been strange in that we have two understudies in: Shonse went home, so Raina took over her role, and Samantha, the understudy, took over Raina’s role. But I think Raina was much more suited vocally for the second role, because she’s a soprano.And Samanatha has an amazing voice. So its weird to say we actually had a better show, but its true.

I must say I can’t wait to spend several days in my own bed!

The weekend weather was terrific. we Aljernon and Raina and I drove to Oneida and we had some extra time, so we stopped at a mall for Raina to buy a new battery for her cell phone. But they didn’t have a Sprint Store there and the Radio Shack didn’t have her model so she did what anyone would do: she went to the T-Mobile kiosk and bought a new phone and new cell phone service.




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