7 02 2004

It has been WAY too long since i’ve blogged, but there has just been no time! We’ve been rehearsong like there’s no tomorrow, and pulling this show together. What a great process, to watch numbers go from being just a series of blocking instructions to something fun and lively on the stage.

The show is very dance-y, which means I have to move my feet and sing at the same time. I know, I know. But the director is really talented and he seems to think i can do it, so I’m charging ahead.

I put a couple of photos up on the website so you can see my cast mates. The theater took publicity photos, and at some point, i’ll get one of them up there.

Right now, i’m in a Fairfield Inn in Fredrick, MD. (Free wireless internet, yeah!) Our opening show in Norwich, NY was canceled because of bad weather, so we used the space for another dress rehearsal and packed up and headed to Maryland early. Great, because we all got a good night’s sleep that way. It was wierd when we drove down I-81, right through Harrisburg.

It looks like we’re going to have a series of shows in Rochester on Valentine’s weekend. And my wife is coming to visit at some point! Yeah! I’ll try to update the schedule when I get to Florida.

Ken, who had been the male understudy, left the tour. He didn’t think he could handle it, and had some work lined up on “All My Children.” Ironically, the actor playing “Andre” is Tyrone who also has done quite a bit of work on “All My Children” lately. Rounding out the group are Nirayl and Lance, the understudies, Nancy, the bass player, and Nate, the drummer. They’re all a great group of people and its a pleasure to watch them work.

Among the fun things about this business: when it rains it pours. One day last week, while we were rehearsing, I got a call from a casting agent to come in and read for a commercial, and a call from another casting agent to audition for a part on the TV show “Hack”. You just have to hope that they’ll still be interested when you are available!

Well, got to go. We have a final run through this afternoon, and then our opening show! And i have lots of friends coming, so it has to be good!





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