21 01 2004

rochester seems like an interesting town. Except for all the snow. There seems to be a lot of creative things going on, lots of theater and movies and music and such. Which is good when it snows all the time! Ramsay Lewis and Nancy Wilson are playing this week at the Eastman Theater, and Phillip Seymour Hoffman is coming to town with one of his films. I guess in many ways, this is the town that Kodak built.

The house I’m living in for the next two weeks is kind of like a frat house — an older house converted into a lot of bedrooms. There are more empty bottles in the kitchen than i’ve seen in many recycling centers, but the bottles all predate the current residents. So did the sink full of dishes I did lastnight ( i just couldn’t deal with that one…)

Anyway, we rehearsed all day. our schedule for the next three days is rehearse, rehearse, rehearse, from 10-1, 2-5, and 7-10. The music director and accompaniest is great… also helping out is Nathan, who looks so much like Dave Jones its scary, and he’s also an amazing pianist. Lots of talent up here, apparently.

The folks in the cast seem really nice. Meme, Rana, Shonce, and Ken. We’re missing one guy still, but he’s going to be here later in the week. Its still snowing here. Still. Oy.

“I Love you, You’re perfect, now change” is running in the main theater here, which is a 99-seat cabaret style room. Its been running for four years. Can you believe? Four years! Anyway, maybe i’ll get to see it while i’m here.

They’re still working on dates for more shows. I promise i’ll update the website when anything changes.





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