6 01 2004

new years eve!

What a nice holiday. Christmas was nice and lovely and sweet. In other words, it was just my wife and I at home all day! Christmas eve services were great, and the day after christmas, the kids all came up. Then on Saturday we opened gifts and my parents came up and we ate turkey and duck and asparagus and sweet potatoes and a zillion other things.

Then sunday, after church, we set out for florida to visit my inlaws. We figured traffic would be light, but what did we know. It took two hours just to get around Washington, and with construction confusing the issue there, it was horrible. Traffic was equally stop-and-go around Richmond, Savannah, Jacksonville, Okala, Tampa . . . you get the picture. But the weather’s nice here, and I love spending time with my inlaws, so I have nothing to complain about. Except maybe the head cold i managed to get in the last two days!


I do love coming down here to Bradenton. The weather is great — its been in the high 70s all week. And my inlaws are such nice people, and so full of stories. And its relaxing to have nothing to do for a few days. Last night (new years eve) my wife’s niece and her husband came by. They live in the Charlotte area and came down for the holidays to visit my wife’s sister. Its always great to see them — they’re such good and sweet people you just want the world for them. Its always heartening just to meet people like that. Rhyne McCormick called me and I called him back, but we played telephone tag most of the night and the next day.





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