9 12 2003

Greetings from the city of Brotherly love… it was a busy day yesterday. We got up at the crack of dawn — ok, shortly before dawn hit the snooze button and said “I’ll crack later — and headed to Philly. Beth was able to take a couple of days off, which doesn’t quite make up for me being away from home so much lately, but helps.

First stop was to a casting agent to audition. The audition went well, and I got into their book, so maybe that means there will be more work for me in the future. Then we went to the hotel — the city put us up at the wyndham Franklin Plaza. Then we went to two of the city’s tree-lighting ceremonies. Interesting. If anyone doesn’t understand why John Street is mayor of Philadelphia, they should see him in action among the neighborhood groups.

Then i had a nice rehearsal with Arje, and got to chat with him a bit. He’s a really great guy. He has a show opening off broadway in February, which i’ll make it a point to go see.

Tonight, we had one more in South Philly. Each neighborhood was very different and the kids in each were great. And it was interesting to watch how easily Street interacted with the youngsters in each neighborhood. My special props go to the folks in Norris Square, a mostly Latino neighborhood where the folks know how to celebrate!




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