5 12 2003

Another week went flying by. On Tuesday, i worked at the theater, then played at the Marriott. And Jonathan came out and played some digital drums that were very cool, and Ben and Michelle and Dan came to hang for a while. That was nice. I’m hoping to get them to come back on the 17th, so i can make people sing with me.

On Wednesday, I got up and went to NYC. I got to do a general audition for the New York Theater Workshop. I think it went well. You never really know. Well, that is, you always know when it goes badly, but beyond that, you just do your best and keep moving. On the way home, i got invited to sing at several of the city of Philadelphia’s tree lighting ceremonies. So i’ll be doing that Monday and Tuesday. Here’s that schedule:

Mon, Dec 8

5:30 PM Strawberry Square, 29th & Dauphin

6:30 PM Norris Square

Tues, Dec 9

6:30 PM Marconi Plaza, South Philly

That should be very fun! So if you call me monday or tuesday and I don’t answer the phone, its because Beth and I are off to Philly for a couple of days.

Last night, I got a call from my friend Larry in Kosovo. Very strange to get a call that long of a distance! He’s doing fine though, and is looking forward to the end of his duty in February. Larry pointed out that I was vague in the blog about the car accident. So here goes: I’m ok! I had to have transmission work and a new catalytic converter, but the car’s still running. No worries. And i think the deer survived!

Thats all for now. I have to go practice for Mikey’s wedding.




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