30 11 2003

Thanksgiving was great fun! We all trekked to Perkasie to visit Jennifer and Kerry and the kids. Friday morning, the men in the family all went shopping. As usual, we made it in and out rather quickly, and by 9:30, we were all crashed on the living room floor watching cartoons on Nickelodeon. You know how strange it is to wake up in the middle of an episode of Jimmy Neutron?

Anyway, we all hit the road in the afternoon. Most everyone went home. I went to Philly to rehearse with Arje, who asked me to work on a Chekhov revision he’s doing. Great fun, that piece. Exceedingly different for me, and a nice stretch. Then the drive home was rough. Rain and wind made the Schuylkill Expressway pretty tough to handle. But that wasn’t enough driving for me, no sirree Bob!

The next morning, I hooked up with Sean and drove to NYC. I had the honor of accompanying him on his birthday trip to the city, which included tickets to “Avenue Q”, a very funny, edgy, adult Broadway show, a game of LazerTag, a shopping expedition to Chinatown and well, two little detours caused by a driver not paying enough attention to the road signs. Um. That would be me.

Anyway, I had a great time.




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