15 10 2003

Another long week… Hanging out in Harrisburg going to rehearsals and working. Tomorrow I’ll be at the Marriott again, trying out a couple of new songs – well, one’s just new to me, the other I wrote but haven’t played yet. I’m getting excited about the coffeehouse gig this coming Friday, when I get to do an all-original show! That show is actually being held at the Unitarian Church of Harrisburg, and I think a few old friends are coming to that show, so I’m more than a little excited.

This has been a strange week already. Sharon Johnson’s funeral was Monday, and it was wonderful to see so many old friends and so not fun to see them for that reason. I was very proud of Maggie Jeffries, who got up to talk about her aunt Sharon and had the poise and togetherness that I know would have brought a beaming smile from Sharon.

She talked about how Sharon encouraged her in her acting career, and helped her find the confidence to do what she loves to do. I couldn’t stop the tears at that point, since I remember her cajoling me into auditioning for “Big River” nine years ago, her little notes of encouragement over the years, her certainty that I was going to get this part or that one. She even gave me a new copy of Stanislavsky’s book at some point, since the one I had was a bit raggedy from the years.

I sat with Jan Chaplick and Suzanne Cassidy, two other ex-Patriots (tee hee) and it was great to see them. The trouble with the pace of the modern world is too often it takes a tragic moment to get people together. I wonder what we can do about that.




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