25 09 2003

The fun news of the day is my friend Dominick Cicco was on Law and Order last night. Mind you, he was just an extra in the courtroom scene. But first you see him way in the back for a split second, then, right before the end of the courtroom scene, you see him sitting right behind the assistant DA played by Elizabeth Rohm. Way cool!

ALso fun last night was we went to a soul food restaurant called Black Eyed Sally’s and had some killer food! Ribs and collard greens and beans and rice… Wednesday is open mic night there, and they have this band of killer blues musicians who play and invite people up. So naturally I sang! I had to find songs they knew enough to do, so we did Moondance and Smokin Gun. They all soloed — the keyboardist, the bassist, the guitarist (who was amazing and had an amazing voice as well), the drummer and the two — count them — two sax players! What a fun night!

Miss Daisy is going well, and we’re spending most of our spare time rehearsing nunsense!




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