23 09 2003

Hi folks.

I’m in East Windsor, CT (just north of Hartford) and we’re doing a week of “Driving Miss Daisy.” It’s going quite well, and as always Sherman and Sue and Mike are doing a terrific job. Even on days like today when Mike’s microphone just stopped working. Seems a woman in the audience brought along a radio transceiver to help her hear the play, and her machine was the same frequency as Mike’s mic, and they canceled each other out. (all she got was squealing noises!)

Oh well. We’re also rehearsing Nunsense Ah-Men while we’re here, so we can go back home ready for tech week. (the show opens oct 2.)

Tonight we went to a movie and saw “Cold Creek Manor” which we liked. I guess when you’re a director as talented as Mike Figgis, you can take a traditional thriller and make it interesting.

Speaking of Mike Figgis, his good friend George DiCenzo is flying to EL AY to guest star in an episode of Judging Amy, which means I’ll actually have to watch an episode of Judging Amy. The even better news is that the guest shot is being filmed in early October, so George is delaying the start of the fall session of his class by a week, which means i won’t miss any classes. Yeah!

Meanwhile, Sherman said he just filmed a week of Hollywood Squares episodes, so I’ll be on the lookout for those as well.





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