29 07 2003

Another year older!

Not sure how that happened, but I can’t complain. I feel healthier than I have in years! It was a great birthday weekend, too. We had a great family gathering — actually two of them — food, baseball, fun gigs, visits from old friends… I can’t ask for more! And I got some way cool gifts too! (among them, John Eddie’s excellent new cd.) Cyndi actually showed up at the Marriott with warm chocolate desserts (homemade of course) and the great staff at Ashley’s brought out a rice pudding to die for. Jim thought we were exaggerating with the faces we were making until he, too, tasted the heavenly bread pudding!

Saturday at the Market Cross Pub a whole bunch of friends came out, and we had a nice party! Jamie let it be known that I need to add a Tori Amos song to the set, I did some old Elton John for Dan, and I got to catch up with Mike and Lynn, who were celebrating their first wedding anniversary. Bless you Mike and Lynn!

After a great weekend, I drove to new york for nothing when the meeting I had was canceled at the last minute. By last minute, i mean I was already within reach of the George Washington Bridge! Oh well, I had a new double CD to listen to, and it made the drive interesting anyway.




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