8 07 2003

Today was so cool! There was a screening of the film “Mickey” at the Community Arts Center in Williamsport. The film, written by John Grisham and directed by Hugh Wilson, still hasn’t found distribution. Grisham said he and Wilson are doing test screenings in several cities over the next month, in hopes of securing a deal to put the movie into wide release next spring. IF that doesn’t happen, they’re going to distribute it themselves.

The movie itself was really good, even though I can’t talk about it (not allowed.) But I laughed, I cried. Harry Connick Jr. was great, and jeez, why didn’t someone tell me how fat my head was two years ago? It was a great family film — the kind you don’t see much of anymore, and has a great look to it. And both of my scenes made the final cut!

Afterwards I said “Good Movie” to Wilson and shook his hand, and he was nice and smiled and said thanks and walked away. then he stopped and ran back to me and said “wow. I didn’t recognize you! How much weight have you lost? And where’s your hair!” IT was way cool to be recognized by the man who created Frank’s Place and WKRP in Cincinnati. He came back over to me later in the lobby to chat some more.

Many of the local folks who were in the film were there, including two guys who played ball players back then, but wow I think they’ve grown a foot since then!




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