8 07 2003

July… and so much to talk about! I’ll try to go in order. The South Pacific trip was wonderful! I walked back into the Ramada Express and it felt so familiar. BECAUSE I’D BEEN THERE JUST TWO WEEKS BEFORE!

Anyway, the cast was good and I learned a lot.

We went ghost hunting one night, and found a spot near a cemetery where the temperature drops like 20 degrees. We went cliff diving one day in Lake Mohave — of course I was terrified and it took me half an hour to get off the cliff. Not to fall mind you. The actual falling took just four exhiliarating seconds. It was the getting off the cliff that took so long. Even when the gang of skater boiz showed up, jumped off the cliff, climbed back up and left.

Hey! Terror is terror!

Anyway, the show itself was challenging and fun. The role of Luther Billis — Ray Walston in the original film — is not one that relies on singing strengths, so i had to sell the character without that to lean on. It was a good stretch for me, i think. Audiences seemed to like it.

I think the whole cast did a great job, particularly Erin, who WAS Nellie every night. ANd each monday we went to Karaoke, where Melissa sang her tail off, and Tara impressed everyone and I, well, I got to do stuff I don’t normally do — old school tunes by the likes of Al Green and Otis Redding and Elton John and Hall and Oates.

At some point, i did miss beign home, though. For July and August, it will be mostly gigs and hanging around the house, which is ok. I’ll actually spend time with my wife that way.

I was in the airport on the way to Nevada when Ted called to say Melissa had the baby. Hi Mason! See you soon!




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