10 05 2003

Ok. so its May. How exactly did that happen? I don’t know. Let me get you guys caught up:

The Wiz was great fun! It was a huge cast and great music and really, the experience of a lifetime. Since then i’ve been gigging and preparing for my next few shows.

We’re currently rehearsing “Aint Misbehavin”. We’ll be doing one show in harrisburg, on the 22nd, and then we’ll be running from may 26 through june 4 at the Ramada Express Casino in Laughlin Nev. Jack Mezzano recorded the instrumentation, and the restof the cast is great… I’m making a strange promise here, but i promise to blog at least twice from Nevada, and even post a picture or two…

Really! I will!

Last week was vacation: a week in Myrtle Beach, laying on the beach, doing not much of anything, spending time with my wonderful wife. Kinda cool. We were really storing up hugs, because between Aint Misbehavin and Americana and South Pacific, I’m going to be gone from home till sometime in July!

I’ll try not to be so distant, and i’ll keep you posted on all the goings on. in the meantime: COME SEE AIN”T MISBEHAVIN! the harrisburg show is at the Capitol Dinner Theater, 13th and wayne streets, (717) 234-5400. show starts at 7:30. Hurry, tickets are going fast!




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