14 01 2003

Ignore the date immediately above. The next few entries were written and dated while I was away from home. (. . . on my PDA no less, so don’t look for good typing skills!)

Monday 1/13/2003

The flight home was unremarkable but long, and included a stay in the Cincinnati airport. Dullsville. And then a long drive home. but I finally made it. and I don’t have to leave the house for 10 hours! 🙂

Sunday 1/12/2002

We drove my father in laws car to the Sarasota airport and rented a Mitsubishi Gallant. We then headed north to Homosassa for a nice visit with my wife’s siblings. Thcn, after the tampa bay buccaneers secured their spot in next week’s football playoff, we set off for tampa, thinking we’d find a hotel near the airport. In Tampa. Right after the game. In Tampa! Duh!

We found one non-smoking room–at a run-down place surrounded by strip clubs, fast food joints and check-cashing places. Even a Wal-Mart and a Best Buy down the street. Oh, well.

strip joints

hotel on game night

Saturday 1/11/2003

Today, my friends Bob Welch and Kathy Kelly got married under a Spanish moss-covered tree in the backyard of Bob’s parents home in Sarasota. It was a beautiful service — Rev. Nate Gadsden’s words were eloquent, the vows were moving, and the setting — sunlight twinkling on the canal while the groom choked back tears — divine. Yep, we cried like babies.

They asked me to sing “Simple Love,” a song I hope you all get to hear soon. Hmmmm… That gives me an idea.

Anyway, it was great to see Dale Epperson, who is looking forward to nuptuals of his own someday. And it’s always good to share an event brimming with joy. I wish them the best. And clearly, people like Bob and Kathy don’t just happen — they are grown and nurtured by amazing people.

While we were on the road, we stopped to look for a keyboard for Beth’s PDA, a now-extinct Casseopia, which we didn’t find. Apparently, Handspring and the world have abandoned the Visor, and it will take some hunting to find one for mine. I guess we can’t all wander through CES with a pocket of cash ready for the latest and greatest device! We also drooled over some laptops . . . Have to find a way to get one this year.

This morning, I started writing a new song!

Friday 1/10/2003

there is this wash of peace that hits you on the 4th day of vacation. Things that you can’t relax about suddenly don’t matter. By today, the mind starts racing again, but in a clear, idealistic, big-picture kind of way. You start to think of all the ways you can improve on your efforts from the year before, you start weeding out your failures, you start planning,

So hopefully, you will see the fruits of this brainstorming throughout this year. That means some new situations, some new songs, and some new energy.

To that end, I’m already planning some new material — including a song I’ve owed Keever for nearly forever and a song I know Jen’s wanted for some time. And at least 2 new songs by my idol. (you’ll have to come to some future gigs to learn who).

So i shall back up—christmas was great fun. 8 inches of snow will do that. Then we had an impromptu tp3 reunion when glen and john joined brent and me at zembies. Capra was there and sat in too.

Then new years eve we shared a bill with barbie holder.

Then it was time to hit the studio to record the cast album for “the Bloody Eighth.”

What a trip that was. A great experience!

Now I am in florida. Relaxing. Tomorrow, we’re going down to sarasota to bob welch’s wedding–yeah, I’m singing. So right now, i apologize to all our florida friends we WON’T be visiting: leslie and phil and the farleys and the jacks..

maybe next year.




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