14 05 2002

Almost three weeks later, Tony comes up for air!

“Big River” ran through Saturday night. It was a fun show to do, and I loved every minute of it, but I’m just exhausted! Being away from home for so long…. that just made it all the more difficult. But the show was amazing and we ended with a bang — a great performance and a great audience!

In between there, Beth and I went to see “Spiderman”, which we loved (even if its not the same Petey I grew up with) and listened to some superb musicians at Violets — who turned out to be Jon and Dave from the Syn-di-cats! They were way cool. Back when TP3 was at the Courtyard on a regular basis, we used to run into them all the time.

So now we have an electric show coming up, and a wedding, and I’m already in rehearsals for “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” and Beth and I are going to the shore for a week (Nashville’s been postponed until July) and then I leave for almost two weeks on the road with Sherman Hemsley – first in charleston sc then in birmingham, ala. Way too much to do… Meanwhile, I’m still scouring “Backstage” for decent shows to audition for.

My good friend Dave is making some connections for me in Nashville. Hopefully, I’ll get the right person to listen! Anyway, that’s it for now… I haven’t sent emails or paid bills or cleaned or done much of anything in WEEKS so i have to get on the stick. Spent the day in Lock Haven at the Express… always a fun time. Except, why does it always rain when i go there?




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