23 02 2002

I’m still in recovery!

The Millenium Music Conference was great fun! Thursday night, I had a blast at Fisaga, I met Sherri Mullen, and once again had the pleasure of listening to Pete Palladino perform! Sweetness.

Friday, I checked out lots of sessions, hung out with my friend Leslie Streeter, ran into many many old friends. Then it was off to check out John Micek’s show at the Gingerbread Man and Stephen Reso’s show at Gullifty’s. A great time!

Saturday it was more fun: Ed Fisher performed in the Pa Musician Room — and later joined Whitey Noll on stage for a very impressive show. Also on that stage was Symplicity, a great new acoustic duo. We did a show later at ABC, and I have to admit, we’ve never sounded better. Or tighter. We had lots of new material for that show, so it was great to see it well received by the crowd.

After all that, I was pooped! So I was in slo-mo for most of this week, until wednesday’s show at the Marriott, and then hosting the open Mike night at the Coffee and Tea Room in Williamsport. I hope every time we do that, we get those talented people to show up!




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