11 01 2002

So we arrived yesterday in Myrtle Beach. I think we’re the only ones in town not golfing. THey put us up at the B each Cove Resort, which is really nice. Except my heat didn’t work and it was cold last night so the maintenance guy came to fix it and turned it on for apparently the first time in ages and the burning dust in the vent made the smoke alarm go off so we had to waive our ball caps at it till it stopped beeping.

then i just got into a good sleep and this voice starts screaming and sirens are going and here the fire alarms went off and they had to evacuate the hotel. In situations like this they tell you to just leave and not go for any valuables. ME, i ran back into the room for my contact solution! anyway, we all had to truck down to theparking lot while they sussed out the problem (a faulty alarm system). Poor Sherman, he was NOT in the mood to be hounded by half dressed folks in the lobby! There weren’t more than 20 of us, but it IS off season.

anyway, today is tech set up and rehearsal. The Alabama Theater (co-owned by the band Alabama) is huge, and seats 2,000 people. should be fun.




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