20 12 2001

OK… so here’s the story on Ragtime…

The part they’re looking at me for is Coalhouse or Coalhouse’s understudy… That’s not one of the parts they needed to move on right away. So they may or may not call me… who knows. The dance audition went well and I sang the last 16 bars of “Make them Hear You”. I did pretty much just what Trish and Bob had coached me to do earlier, and I think it worked because I could see a rising smile on Trish’s face through the song.

I wished the other guys luck, particularly Wilke, who works with the boys choir of harlem. If i don’t get the part, then i’ll still see the show — we have tickets to see it in williamsport. I think I’ll ask heather to send me to see it in state college the night before or something, so there’s a review in the day of the show.

I did really enjoy seeing Trish and Bob and Antonia again. They’re very nice people. They took so much time with me during the audition, talking about the part and what it would require emotionally. Between auditions, i talked to Tom Hostetter, who is mostly responsible for this stage bug I have. He loved the original production of Ragtime, and was very helpful in coaxing me to do the right thing emotionally. I think the key was when he said coalhouse is DESTROYED by sarah’s tragedy. I always thought of him being enraged, but i never thought in terms of destruction — thats how he loses his moral center. That’s what enables a basically good man to do the unthinkable. So i think it helped.

Played the marriott tonight, the ecumenical lunch today. Tomorrow night’s the Christmas Party — which should be fun — then politesse on friday and the ale house on saturday and the christmas concert on sunday then christmas eve and then I swear four days in bed!

I sent a copy of the Christmas cd to Glen Romano, a music attorney in Philadelphia whom I met at a NARAS event or two and who came to see us play in Philly. HE loved the disc … said it was “a bold move” and said he was particularly fond of “Only.”

I’ll have to work on some philly gigs now!

on an unrelated note: Robert Hewett Wolfe is no longer at the helm of the syndicated show “Andromeda” which means its probably going to go downhill…..




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