1 12 2001

This afternoon, Kevin, Brent and I sang Christmas carols with about 75 kids in an inner city church. What fun! The kids — all of them adorable — were great, and interested, and we got them to dance around and sing. You never heard ‘”fa la las” that loud!

Tonight, we’ll do an electric show at ABC. Glen’s had Bronchitis AND streph all week, but I know he’s such a trooper, he’ll give 120 percent to the show.

I have to apologize, really, for the slowness of updating the blog. I’ll try to do better.

Thursday night, on my drive from Harrisburg to Montoursville, i had no fewer than FIVE gig changes. What would i do without a cell phone? We lost two gigs, i picked up two solo gigs, and had to rearrange one gig with a guy who wanted to cancel. Oy. This is the business!

I’m happy people seem to like the cd. Jennifer Danner said “Because He Loves Me” should win a Dove Award. WOW!. She’s doing a story on the cd in next friday’s paper. and there’s going to be photos!

Meanwhile, the Sun-Gazette is also doing a story — theirs is set to run thursday.

The really big news of the week is that 105.7 the X radio in Harrisburg, has selected one of our songs — “Women of the Bartines” — to be on its upcoming compilation disc! AND: MP3.com has chosen one of Tony’s Christmas songs — God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen — for its Christmas compilation disc. How exciting!

We’ll try and have a great time tonight.





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