3 10 2001

So maybe it takes several days to put an entire website together….

Tonight, I got the email form and the guestbook and the discussion group working. Tweaked the text, got a link from On the Innocent Side to the sale page at CDStreet.com for selling discs, uploaded picture of the Christmas disc to CD street, etc. Next step: change the homepage site to be a front end for the @home site. Eventually put a java movie there or something.

Also lunched with Brent and Ross today (and Samuel and ross’s friend Darren), and had frustrating moments at Kinkos and Christian Publications. But I gave Jeff Meglio mix notes, got arrangements made with the duplication house, got great songwriting notes from Bob Welch (which, of course, require me to recut a song, but it will be worth it. Its the one i wasn’t confident about…)

All in all not a bad day. Oh yeah, and got a call from a Television show wanting a copy of the disc…

I’ll keep you all posted!




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