29 09 2001

Hey there! Remember me? I have to get better at doing this every day!

Last night, Ed from LIVE was on Leno, doing “Overcome”. wow, what a performance. Also, picked up Pete Palladino’s new solo disc and am VERY impressed and proud. Hope he does well.

Tonight we were in the studio finishing up. I did add Silent Night to the mix, but decided to bag “Angels we have heard on high” at the last minute. I wrote a new song last night — how’s that for timing — and decided it would make a great ghost track. So the little project now has 14 songs on it, and they’re all done. Mixing commences next week, and Jeff Meglio thinks getting done by next Saturday is very doable. he also has a line on a duplication house that can give me a quick turn around and a better price. We’ll see. It would be difficult to beat the kind of service one gets at Raintree…

“We Don’t Talk About The Baby” came out great, and I think would sound good on the radio. ( I WOULD think that…) and “Only” just rocks! I’m so proud of this effort. I wish I could have gotten Ross involved, but i know i’ll be in the studio again someday! The new song, “I’ll Follow You”, would sound great with a band treatment.

Oh well,

Beth was on tv tonight. can’t wait to get the tape tomorrow to watch!

also, tomorrow is the Ride for Relief at Hershey park. We’re playing at 3!.




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