10 09 2001

What a long weekend! I’ll try to cover it all.

I didn’t play a solo date at Pol-i-tesse on Friday, because of a scheduling mixup. I hate those. . . but they seem to be a way of life for independent musicians. They’ve happened to all of us at some point. My friend Rhyne McCormick may be coming to our show at Slammerz this coming Friday because HE’S double booked that night at a place in Gettysburg…

Anyway, it was nice to have a night off.

On Saturday, I drove to Harrisburg early. Kevin and I played at Lemoyne’s HomeTown Days. The show was organized by the Lemoyne-area Ministerium. I think the request came through Chuck Sprenkle, who is pastor of a church in Lemoyne where my friend Bonnie Snyder is the organist… Anyway, it was fun. Kevin and I did some church stuff and some pop stuff, and even got to try a couple of songs from the Christmas CD live. There was a couple singing right before us, and they seemed a little too much like an SNL sketch for my taste. But several in the crowd were really into them, so obviously they were doing SOMETHING right…

Saturday evening, Glen and I were at Zembies. It was a good show, even if I did start showing off at the end of the night and singing my head off.. Suzanne was there, and she’d never heard us do Daniel before, so that was cool. We got to give Pattie her birthday present which I know she’ll enjoy: an egg-shaped shaker. Now she can make her own music during “Still havent found”.




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