19 08 2001

Today was Sunday, and it was my week to sing in church. Today’s selections were “There all the Time” and “Praise the Lord.” They went well, I think. I’m still hearing compliments on how I sounded at Sheryl and Chad’s wedding last week. The Taladas said they’d love to get remarried to mark their 50th wedding anniversary and would love to have me sing the Lord’s Prayer at it, if we’re still in Montoursville then. That would be nice. I didn’t realize until last week that Malotte’s musical setting of the Lord’s Prayer isn’t univerally known. Mark and Ross both said they hadn’t heard it before. I told Ross his being Jewish does explain it… But what the hey, Barbra Streisand actually recorded Ave Maria on her first Christmas album (her first!) so anything can happen.

Beth and I are preparing for vacation. We’re going up to a retreat center in New York for a few days just to get away and be alone together. I mean, this weekend was our 11th wedding anniversary so its time to take a few days off work right? Course there are two funerals in the congregation this week, and Mikey let me know yesterday that he can’t make the Toystock gig, so I have to make arrangments for a drummer! I’m not gonna think about it for a few days. And if I can’t find a drummer, I’ll do the gig solo. This business of begging people to play with me is old!

Anyway, this is prolly the last log until the weekend. Have fun!




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