18 08 2001

Last night I did a solo show at Pol-i-tesse. I really like playing there. Generally, I set up in the bar area, and try to entertain the folks there, but there’s just a glass wall between me and the dining area, so late diners can hear the music but still hear each other talk.

Since the weather’s been so nice, and since the new Fasaga restaurant opened across the street with its open-air, yuppie playground ascetic, Pol-i-tesse owner Paul Odom has moved the entertainment outside to the corner surrounded by outside tables and chairs.

This made for a fun evening. One speaker sat outside with me, and another was in the bar, so the music could be heard everywhere. Including across the street at Fasaga, apparently, since my friend Ken Uhlman was at Fasaga with a bunch of friends, and heard me singing, and came over to say hello!

Kim brought friends of hers over, including two guys named Tony and one whose last name was Perry. Missy and Jan came, as did several others whom I haven’t seen in a while. Mark and Dawn came, Kevin and Heather and Brent and Beth wandered down and hung out, Pattie brought Ron Blystone (former Dewey’s owner) and a travel planner from the Boston area. And our friend Jeff Ross was there, with a group of folks including his sister Emily, whom I haven’t seen in awhile, and John Bateman, a friend of my wife’s from college. Then Jen and Jerry showed up, after the Diana Krall concert up the street let out, and Dave Jones even hung out with us. In all, it was a great time.

Missy said she likes the solo show — I think it was the first time she’s seen it — and Ken invited me to hang out and do some recording some day.




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