13 08 2001

Another weekend gone by:

On Friday, we played at Kokomo’s West in Camp Hill. It was so hot in there! and more humid in the room where the band played. We had fun though, saw Sabrina (I got Kevin to do “Galileo” for her), and Mike and Lynn, who were smart enough to get a room and enjoy themselves.

On Saturday, we were at Kokomo’s East in Harrisburg. Better temperature, and we were a four piece so we were really rockin for a while there. My ongoing bad throat was abated temporarily by honey and lemon. Chuck and Amy came, and Chuck got up and sang “Jumped Right In” with Glen, Brent and Ross.

Then, Sunday came, and Ross’ truck broke down so instead of doing “Only” in the studio, Kevin and Brent and I finished up the rest of the songs for the Christmas album. All it needs now is “Only” and “We Don’t Talk About The Baby”, which we can bang out in one session if the whole band shows up. I decided to scrap the spiritual; as much as I wanted to do it, I couldn’t see squeezing it into these sessions, and frankly, there’s enough for a full-length disc already! Maybe next time….

Oh yeah, and I figured out something funny. I will find a way to post it online this week.




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