7 08 2001

Sunday night Aug. 5, we did a happy hour at Tailgaters in York. I was hoarse from the weekend, so Glen had to sing more than usual. But we still had a good show. It always amazes me how people stop what they’re doing when we do “Kiss From A Rose.” I’m never sure if its the unusual choice of song or the way I sing it or both, but we always get good comments from doing it.

Monday I helped the folks at the Capitol Dinner Theatre get ready for the opening of “Hello, Dolly.” I’m going to be running sound for them for a few days.

The big surprise of the week came when I got around to watching the last two episodes of “Six Feet Under” on HBO. I see a new character on the screen and I’m trying desperately to think of why his face is familiar and then it hits me: It’s my friend Steven Pasquale! Steve played Huck in the production of “Big River” that I did a few years ago. He was a high school senior at the time. Now he’s a young man with a future! I know last year he did an off broadway production of “The Wild Party.” but it’s way cool to see him on the screen! Way to go Steve! On SFU, he plays Kurt, the dance instructor…




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