19 07 2001

Talk about your busy day! Here’s yesterday: City Island lunch gig canceled because of threat of rain. Took grandson to allergist instead.

Then sat around waiting for Saturn of Harrisburg to call me and tell me what was wrong with my car. They fixed it — to the tune of $230 — but didn’t call. Then motored down to Gettysburg to see friend Keever, then back up in time for the studio. Bill Ingraham was miraculous as always, Mikey played well, and I’m increasingly grateful to God for Kevin Brennen. Got quite a bit of the Christmas project done.

Its funny how sometimes you slave over a song, and sometimes it just comes out. “Christmas Song” we did in one take. And while Kevin and I both think we could play “Away in a Manger” better technically, I’m not sure I could do a better job emotionally. About half of what we did last night is completely done. We’ll have to go back in for harmonies and such. the shame is a couple of my scratch vocals are about as good as i’m ever gonna get….

This weekend’s task is to get ready for more studio work — we’re gonna do “Only” finally! — and deal with copyright clearances…




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