14 07 2001

Another great night at Pol-i-tesse! Those solo shows are great fun to do, and the night always seems to end fast! Paul Odom, the owner, asked me if he can make me a regular — twice a month. I gladly accepted and scheduled through the end of November. The food there is great. Paul makes a creme brulee that I’m sure someday people will write epic poems about and sing songs about!

Afterwards, I wandered down to Zembies to watch Kevin and Jason play. They work so well together, and Jason offered to let me do pre-production on my solo stuff at his place — he acquired all of brent and greg’s old recording gear. THen it hit me, that he would be the answer to my problem with the one Christmas song, so I asked if he’d help and he said yes.

Now if only it all comes together as planned. I still want to keep the project simple, but there seems to be so much interest in it that I’m thinking I could sell enough to pay down our studio bill substantially. Jason’s interests are so similar too…lots of melodic pop/rock with harmonies and that tight sound. He and his family have given up a lot to make music his career. I understand completely! It really is a committment from the whole family.

Anyway, tonight is the annual Hartman party in Camp Hill, and our first Reservoir Park gig….. wish us well.




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